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Language Learning Online Resources

Free online ESL Teaching Resources
Free Online Teaching Resources
Banks of free online teaching resources tend to vary in quality; moreover, because these sites are so diverse, categorization by proficiency level can be inconsistent. Still, used with care, such resources can definitely be of value. Please note that some of these sites are also listed on the Online Interactive Students Materials Page because they identify distinct sections for each of students and instructors; however, you may also want to examine the other sites listed there (but not mentioned here) because some of them could prove useful in the hands of a creative teacher.

General-use sites
Adult Education ESL Teachers' Guide
( Beginning and Intermediate Lesson Plans and Accompanying Teacher Training Modules. The site also presents a general orientation for teaching of ESL.

Adult Learning Activities from the California Distance Learning Project
( Designed for self-access, these numerous and slick materials (typically with both reading and listening options, plus associated learning activities) are specifically intended for Adult Basic Education not ESL students, but they could definitively interest ESL teachers working at CLB 5-6 or higher. For in-class use, teachers would need to highlight and copy desired reading materials and then paste them into Word or WordPerfect; the audio (RealAudio format) seems not to be downloadable but could readily be re-recorded.

Audio for ESL/EFL
( A modest site that includes 7 American folk songs that can be downloaded and played in class using the Real Audio player (free download for 'Basic' version). At the time of listing, this site had not been updated since 2004, but the songs (plus interactive online interactive cloze activities) are potentially useful.

Azar Grammar Exchange
( Online Resource for ESL Teachers and companion website to the Azar Grammar Series, providing a forum where teachers can share ideas, questions, and grammar-teaching materials.

BBC Skillwise
( Skills-based BBC site full of worksheets, fact sheets and fun on-line games and quizzes to help practise spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading comprehension, etc. There is also a section for tutors which provides further teacher support and ties materials into curricula in the U.K.

Best of the Reader
( An online series of e-books called Best of The Reader. The content is based on some of the best stories from the last 27 years of the newspaper. There are nine e-books and a 2010 calendar of special days and holidays. The material is organized by topics: People and Jobs, Special Days and Holidays, Many Ways to Help, Families, Keeping Safe, Sports, Amazing Stories, Canada's Aboriginal People, and Word Games and Puzzles. Each e-book has 6 to 8 stories with exercises and an answer key. Photographs, maps and illustrations are also included. The stories are written at three levels of reading ability, according to the levels Acosta developed for use in The Westcoast Reader.

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