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    2018-05-25 05:21:37, Fri

TalkShop Intermediate Learner

Profile and Learning Focus

  • Able to use simple and compound sentences, attempts complex sentences
  • Uses basic tenses: simple present, past and future and continuous forms
  • Uses logical connections between ideas
  • Able to write 15-20 sentences about topic using mostly appropriate specific vocab.
Focus on:
  • Complex sentence structures
  • Logical sentence connectors
  • Clear, logical support for ideas
  • Writing for different purposes
  • Editing
  • Able to distinguish fact from fiction
  • Able to extract information and state main idea
  • Able to read 1-2 page text of familiar nature
Focus on:
  • Skimming and scanning
  • Identifying main ideas
  • Analyzing writing style/purpose
  • Using visual clues: charts, headings, tiltles, font, etc.
  • Able to talk about events of interest to them
  • Able to ask and respond to questions about their past other's past
  • Uses tenses appropriately
  • Uses mostly appropriate stress and intonation patterns
Focus on:
  • Small talk
  • Stating opinions and supporting them
  • Asking for and giving information
  • Scheduling and making appointments
  • Body language
  • Stress and intonation patterns
  • Able to follow instructions and directions
  • Listens to media works for specific info.
  • Able to understand 2-3 min. narratives on familiar topics
Focus on:
  • Listening strategies: main ideas, focused listening, extracting simple information
  • Media works (ads, video, public announcement)
  • Able to use complex sentence structures but with frequent errors
  • Uses basic tenses accurately and present perfect tense vs past approp.
  • Uses present tense of most modals
  • Good grasp of word order but frequent word form errors
Focus on:
  • Present perfect tenses
  • Modals
  • Adjective and adverb phrases
  • Clauses: time, adjectives, dependent, independent
  • Word order in complex sentence structure

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