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    2018-05-25 05:23:02, Fri

TalkShop Basic Learner

Profile and Learning Focus

  • Use of simple sentences - may occasionally omit subject or verb
  • High frequency learned phrases
  • Use of present and past tense
  • Loosely organized ideas - many unrelated points
Focus on:
  • Basic word order
  • Simple sentences for description and narration
  • Filling out forms
  • Compound sentences
  • Sequencing events
  • Can read simple adapted stories on familiar topics
  • Reads signs and schedules
  • Uses phonics and sound patterns to pronounce new words
  • Can read short simple non fiction tests
Focus on:
  • Sound patterns
  • Sight words
  • Factual/non fiction narratives
  • Familiar topics
  • Simplified texts with simple sentence structure and accessible vocabulary
  • Can give limited information about self and family
  • Gives simple one or two adjectives descriptions of personal belongings
  • Makes simple requests / questions
  • Mostly uses accepted word order and basic tenses
Focus on:
  • Personal information
  • Adjective order
  • Forming simple questions and responding
  • Simple statements
  • Basic pronunciation
  • Body language
  • Can understand dates and numbers
  • Can understand basic personal information
  • Can follow instructions
  • Can listen to and mostly understand short simple readings that are repeated
Focus on:
  • Times, dates, numbers
  • Personal information
  • Weather reports
  • Simple instructions
  • Simple narratives on mostly familiar topics
  • Use simple sentences
  • Use present and past tenses
  • Uses pronouns but often mixes up he/she
  • Expresses likes, abilities using modals
Focus on:
  • Simple present, present continuous
  • Simple declarative sentences
  • Question formation
  • Pronouns
  • Subject/verb agreement
  • Modals to express ability and request

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