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TalkShop Advanced Learner

Profile and Learning Focus

  • Able to write in a variety of forms appropriate to needs
  • Able to link and organize ideas
  • Able to write extended prose of 1-2 pages
Focus on:
  • Expressing and supporting ideas clearly
  • Crediting sources of ideas
  • Using appropriate audience in appropriate style
  • Able to read authentic tasks of 3-5 pages
  • Able to use research skills to find information
  • Able to distinguish fact form opinion
Focus on:
  • Extract information from a variety of sources
  • Analyze, synthesize and evaluate information
  • Preview and predict information based on context
  • Able to take part in small talk
  • Able to take part in group conversations
  • Able to organize and present ideas
  • Able to express opinions
Focus on:
  • Organizing and linking ideas
  • Turn-taking, non verbal communication
  • Rephrasing what others have said
  • Standard Eng. Grammar and pronunciation
  • Able to understand the gist of sitcoms and news report
  • Able to take notes from lecture
  • Follows instructions
Focus on:
  • Listening strategies; main idea, focused listening, extracting info., making inferences
  • Current events
  • Uses tenses appropriately and passive voice
  • Uses sentence variety
  • Experiments with language but makes frequent word choice errors
Focus on:
  • Mixing tenses when writing
  • Complex sentences / connectors
  • Word choice

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